Mangu is a Dominican traditional side food served for breakfast, lunch o dinner. Mangu is a tradition, but we don't eat it everyday, we eat it often at home only when my oms makes it. Is one of my favorite meals, because it reminds me of my Dominican culture. Mangu is made of boiled green plantains after it they smashed with the boiled water or with butter, after they topped with some red onions they make with vinegar. Ten they add three or four toppings you like but the main ones are: Fried cheese, Fried salami,eggs or avocado.THEY CALLED "Los Tres Golpes" which means the three hits.The name Mangu came after two US marine try it and said "man, good".Since Dominicans don't spell, write,speak, or understand English , they tough that the US marine man said Mangu.

Year: 2003

– Samantha Capellan

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