My object is a Mabkhara (Ma-BKh-Ara). My great-grandmother was the person that connected me to the object. We use a Mabkhara to make Bakhoor (Ba-Kho-or), Bakhoor makes a good smell, we usually use it when we have weddings, parties, Eid, etc. To make Bakhoor, start by placing a charcoal disc in the Mabkhara. Turn on the stove and put the coal in the gray middle circle where the fire comes out until you see sparks moving back and forth from the coal. Then, turn off the oven and put the coal in the Mabkhara. Lastly, you are going to see smoke (smoke is not like fire smoke) hold the Mabkhara and move it around the place(s) you want it to smell good. The time period of the Mabkhara was about in the 1800’s and people are still using it these days. My object connects to immigration because, my mom got this from Yemen where she was born. I was also born in Yemen too, but moved to New York when I was two years old. The Mabkhara has been passed down to many women in my family. It belonged to my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and it will one day belong to me. My mom tells me stories about times when her mom used to use the Mabkhara. I love those stories as much as I love the smell of Bakhoor. The Mabkhara that I have is very, very, old. This object makes me feel happy. I am happy my mom has something she can pass down to me. I too am going to pass on the Mabkhara from generations to generations.

Year: 2006

– A.B.

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