Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 My object is luqaimat. Luqaimat is an emarati dish that originally comes from Saudi Arabia. It means, literally, “small bites”. This dish has many names, and it can be found in many different Middle Eastern countries. It is fried dough, sweetened with date syrup, and sometimes garnished by sesame seeds in the shape of a small ball. They could be compared to Timbits. Although they are not originally part of my family’s culture, we adopted into our culture after my parents immigrated to Dubai. There were other aspects of life in Dubai that we also incorporated into our family, and this is just one relic of when I lived there. Luqaimat are typically eaten in the holy month of Ramadan and National Day, but that hasn’t stop people from eating them in restaurants during the rest of the year. However, most of the time people have adequately stuffed themselves with luqaimat during Ramadan they don’t need to eat it anytime for the rest of the year. We were sent luqaimat every day in one Ramadan by our hospitable neighbors in Dubai. They were delicious and obviously home cooked. Luqaimat is one of my favorite desserts and it reminds me of when I lived In Dubai. 

Place(s): Dubai
Year: 2004

– F

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant