Lundofte Children's Plate

My artifact was a plate produced in the 1960’s. Which means it’s been with my family for around over 50 years. The plate is a metal, it is silver. It’s fairly small which is why it wasn’t used to eat on.  The plate belonged to a family friend of my grandparents.  She gave it to my mom when she was born. She was a very good friend of my grandparents, the plate was special to her and she wanted to give that to my mother.  This plate is very special to my family. In 2016 my mother received it. The plate was made in Denmark, it was produced by the company Lundtofte. The plate is called Lundtofte Stainless Childrens Plate, Bear Family. These plates go for 20 to 40 dollars. This plate will be passed down to me, my family hopes to have this artifact for a long time. 

Place(s): Denmark.

– Harley Murch

Relationship:  unknown unknown