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Ludo Board Game ( Plywood MDF)
Ludo Board Game ( Plywood MDF)

Ludo is a traditional board game, typically of a square-shaped board that originated from Pakistan. The name Ludo came from England in 1896.

Its first name (before it was called Ludo) was pachisi (in India). Ludo can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players. Each player has 4 lives, and turn-by-turn, every player has to roll the dice once and move their pawn a number of spots ahead (depending on what number they got from the dice roll). Whoever gets all four of their pawns around the board first is the winner. The game soon became very popular in my parent's home country- Pakistan. They migrated to the USA in 1995 and brought one Ludo board with them to play over here. I haven’t played much Ludo here, but when I go to Pakistan I play with my relatives and cousins a lot. It is a great time killer. These days, the game is also available on mobile and some electronics.      I was about seven years of age when I first played it. I played with one of my aunts. I have developed an interest in this fascinating game ever since, and it is the most popular multiplayer game in my family. Now, many of my family members and friends play the hit version of it on Plywood, Wooden Board, called Ludo (FB GAMES). Ludo, itself, has become known in many other continents including Europe. I intend to play much more Ludo in the future, as it will always remain a symbol of fun in my family.

Place(s): Pakistan

Place(s): World-wide
Year: 2015

– Yasir

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