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This is the game board for Loteria.
This is the game board for Loteria.

Loteria is a very traditional game played in the country of Mexico. Many people know it as ‘Mexico Bingo’, Loteria is not only played in Mexico, but also is played in countries like the US, Spain, France, Italy, and a lot more! I play this game a lot with my family every year and 75% of the time is because of holiday’s because it is our ‘Holiday Game’. One day we play this game a lot on July 4th because it reminds us of Independence day in Mexico so we play it to be happy and enjoy a milestone in history. I really enjoy this game and I recommend it because it brings a lot of laughter and it's a game of strategy and puzzle and I also enjoy it because it can entertain and get into it quickly. 
Loteria was actually played first in a different country first because it was actually not invented in Mexico! Loteria is a very old and popular game that was started in the 15th century in Italy by someone named Mike Alfaro who created the game and fast forward to 1769 the game was brought to New Spain (Now is Mexico) and in 1887 entrepreneur Don Clemente Jacques created the Mexico version of Loteria that everyone plays now that is known as ‘Mexico Bingo’ here but it’s actual name is ‘La Loteria.’ This game was actually played a lot during-after The War Of Independence (1810-1820) because the soldiers of Mexico fighting for independence were playing Loteria and when people found out it ended up blowing up. 

Fun Facts

  • Loteria is the most popular game in Mexico. 
  • Loteria is 500 years old!

Place(s): Mexico

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