Little Candles Day

It was in 2017 in Bogota, Colombia.
It was in 2017 in Bogota, Colombia.

“Little Candles Day” is a beautiful Colombian tradition that my family and I have always celebrated in Colombia, and I still celebrate here in the US, which in Spanish translates: Día de las Velitas. Colombia is a Catholic country and this beautiful tradition takes place every year on December 7th at night; people light candles in front of their houses, the windows, balconies, sidewalks, gardens, squares, and any other place in front of the house, building or where it can be seen. There are also gatherings of people in the biggest parks where they do it in big groups. This is made in honor of the Virgin Mary; people also hang beautiful lanterns. It’s a beautiful holiday, which is also the unofficial start of Christmas in Colombia, and it’s also my favorite holiday because it’s so special to me since it’s the start of the holidays, and it reminds me of home every year because I have done it my whole life. After we light the candles and the lanterns, we make a prayer for our families and loved ones too. 

Place(s): Colombia

– Jessica Sanchez

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