Lithuanian Desserts

Recipe for Lithuanian fruit bread
Recipe for Lithuanian fruit bread

My story begins generations ago when my Lithuanian ancestors came to America. From the best info I can find, I am the 8th generation of my family to be in America. The Recipes I share with you today were passed down from my ancestors generations when they were originally learned in Lithuania hundreds of years ago. When my family decided to cross the ocean and join in the migration to America During the 19th century, they were leaving not only to be apart of the American dream but to also move away from the poverty and avoid religious, political, and national prosecution and compulsory military service in the Russian army. Now these recipes are in the hands of my family with my mom recently giving me the secret cook book to look through with all of our family's old recipes. I'm glad to be a part of the tradition learning how to cook the same ways my ancestors did it generations ago using the recipes they wrote down making it a special experience to cook my old family recipes. From when I was little I was always around this kind of cooking and I got to experience a lot of cool dishes that originated in Lithuania which made me grow a fine taste for Lithuanian styled dishes also boosting my enjoyment in cooking since I think the traditional food is much better to begin with. After generations of these recipes making its way down the line from family member to family member, it had finally made it to me and I could not be any more happy to be a part of my family's traditions and cook foods as my ancestors did in their homeland of Lithuania. 

Place(s): Lithuania
Year: 1808

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