Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My Object i chose is limes because it can relate to my culture (Mexico) and The African Diaspora. Limes they are mainly for everything that we eat or drink we can make lime juice use it to make the things we eat even better. Almost every week my mom used limes to make some delicious juice and used it when we eat some of my favorite foods. Limes were originated in or were first grown on a large scale in Southern Iraq and Persia. Even till today i still eat and use limes whenever im eating anything that needs more flavor. Africans use lemons on may things as well. Limes are grown on trees that flourish in tropical and subtropical climate. Piri piri chicken is a food that is used in a African dish you make the taste even better. Limes were connected to migration because it has been used in many places such as South Iraq, Sahara, Brazil, The United States, Mexico, and Africa. Chambo with nsima is another African dish such as the food or the one that i eat at home because the lime gives it the extra sweetness into the fish. I feel that using limes in the food we eat today makes everything taste even better because when i was younger my mom use to cook some fish which i ended up putting some limes on it which give it a better flavor towards the dish. Now that im older I feel that i should use more limes on the dishes that i eat and pass it on to my relatives.

Place(s): Africa, Mexico
Year: 2016

– David Ramirez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant