When my father came to America in 1999, he left my mother, my sister, and I in Trinidad and Tobago. He came to America to start building a new life for our family. Back in Trinidad, my parents had a large house and a successful business. One night thieves broke into our home and took everything that we had: money, jewelry, and other valuables. That’s when my parents decided to move to America. First my dad came to New York. He worked a low paying job to earn money to provide for himself and send back home to us. He worked until he had saved up enough money to bring my mom, my sister, and I to New York. It didn't matter we would be living in a one bedroom apartment, what mattered was that we would be together again. These are two letters that I wrote to my dad while our family was separated that he keeps in the back of one of his drawers. These were probably hard times for my dad but he has kept every drawing and postcard that we sent to him while we were apart.

Year: 2000

– KM

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