Wedding Ring

Relationship: Im/migrant
My wedding ring
My wedding ring

My name is Fernando Viscaino. I want to tell about what special I brought with me when I came to this Country. The special thing I brought with me was my wedding ring, it stills special for me, although I am divorce now.   I came to this Country in 2007, but 9 months before I left my Country (Ecuador) I separated from my wife (but not divorce at that time)  during those 9 months we tried to fix our relationship, but we couldn't, then I decided to come this Country. When I came to this Country the only special for me was that ring, because my idea was, after a few months living here I could bring her too (my wife) . But it didn't happen, instead of that she ask me for divorce, I felt so bad when she asked me about  that. I remember I used to see the ring , and to many memories came-up to my mind , but I had to accept my relationship with her was over. I remember I think for more than one year, I used to see the ring , and remember everything what happened on the past. My divorce happened 9 years ago, but I keep the ring with me, because it stills special for me.

Year: 2007

– Fernando Viscaino

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant