The Irish!
The Irish!

Both of my grandparents immigrated from Ireland to San Francisco in the 1950s. Since then, they have moved back to Ireland with my mom and her two brothers, again back to California, and finally decided to settle in New Jersey where they still live today. Although my grandparents love living in the US, as they have for the past 40+ years, my grandparents go to Ireland once a year and constantly make sure my entire family stays close, long after they die. My grandparents are easily the most important people in my life, for many reasons, but one being their ability to keep such a large family connected across continents. Although today it is much easier to do this thanks to facebook, my grandparents have been able to keep in touch with their family members for years without it. I have gone to Ireland three times, and about every year a group of my Irish (or Australian--I have no idea how I have Australian cousins but my grandpa knew, so 30 years ago he flew to Australia and knocked on their door explaining that they were distant cousins--the rest is history and they visit all the time) cousins come to the states, where we then have a giant party with a bonfire, potatoes, lemon meringue pie (a traditional Irish dish??), and a sing-song which always includes a beautiful rendition of John Denver's "Country Roads." Long story short, time and distance do not matter to my family, which is amazing because I know if I ever end up in Ireland or Australia, I know I'll have a place to go :) Shout out to Larry and Peggy for that!!

Place(s): Ireland, New Jersey
Year: 1957

– AM

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant