Letter Back Home, Robert Eaton

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The item is a Civil War letter written by my great great great grandfather, Robert Eaton Love, and was dated October 24th, 1861. It was written with ink on Confederate stationary back to his wife, while he was in Kentucky. At the time, he was recovering from measles in a cabin, away from the battlefront. He died in the battle of Shiloh a year later in 1862. Robert was survived by his wife Mary, and his three children. Currently, the letter is in possession by my grandfather on my father's side. This letter is important to my family because it gives insight into one of the darkest and divided times in American history, the Civil War. Robert, being on the Confederate side, shows his feelings towards the slaves in his letter when transcribed.

Place(s): Bowling Green Kentucky
Year: 1861

– Will Dawson

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