In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

My name is Cooper and my artifact (clothing) is Lederhosen. Lederhosen are basically overalls made out of leather and they have beautiful designs on them. I got my pair in Germany and so did my brother, mom and dad. Lederhosen are from Bavaria in Germany and Austria. Lederhosen are short or knee-length breeches made of leather. The specific style we associate with lederhosen today originated in Bavaria during the 18th century. In Germany, lederhosen are part of a traditional male outfit for any cultural festival — specifically Oktoberfest. To be honest, they are pretty comfortable and I enjoy wearing them. But, my pair is kinda small. I chose Lederhosen because they are a part of my culture. I am not Bavarian, but I am part German. I am probably not much German but it does go through my veins. I feel much more German than I am whenever I put on Lederhosen. My feelings are the same as the day I bought it, which was a great feeling.Lederhosen is connected to my dad. He was born in Germany, in Munich. He did not wear them as a child but I wore them at a young age. One of the many things that people automatically associate with Germany is the traditional Bavarian costume. I wonder how my ancestors felt when they wore them. Were they proud or were they embarrassed? I wish I had the opportunity to meet them since I never got the chance. I wonder what they were like. 

Place(s): Bavaria
Year: 1997

– CR

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant