Leather Chair

Leather Chair
Leather Chair

My great grandma's grandpa, my 3-times great-grandpa worked in the Swedish Royal Castle for Karl XV, the king of Sweden during the late 1800s. My 3-times great-grandpa got four oak, leather chairs that stood in the castle when he retired.  He passed them throughout the family until my great-grandma gave two to my mom and two to my uncle. The chairs are made out of oak. There are carved lions and many other figures on the chairs. Originally the leather was red but we changed it to brown because it was worn out. My 3 times great-grandpa later moved to Los Angeles, and then moved back to Sweden (with the chairs), so it’s the second time these two chairs have been in America.
My mom got these chairs from her mom, and now we keep them in the dining table. The chairs were used at the dining table in the castle, but we, my family, never use them to sit on but we use them for decoration. We used to use them in Sweden.  Sometimes when we had guests, everyone wanted to sit on those chairs. They are really comfortable because the leather is soft and it feels like sitting on a sofa.
It connects to me because it has been in my family for almost 150 years.

Place(s): Sweden, Los Angeles, New York

– LP

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