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My grandfather on the chair
My grandfather on the chair

My grandfather always told me that I smiled like my great-great-grandfather did when he got his chair, and after I moved to the U.S I never got the chance to ask why was he so happy about that chair. My grandfather told me that this chair once belonged to his father and to his grandfather. He said that every day after school his grandfather called everyone to the room with the chair to tell him how his school day was (my grandfather had 11 siblings and he was the oldest), and sometimes even to teach them a lesson maybe because they did something wrong. It was like that every single day, until he died. My grandfather's dad decided to keep it, so they kept it and right after my great grandfather died all his siblings realized that he never got a chance to sit on the chair, so one day we told him to sit on it and to sleep, and never came back. He died sitting on the chair and now my grandfather decided to keep it and fix it. I don't think he even remembered about the story until I asked him, and I'm glad I have got to tell him that because after this interview that he decided to fix it. When I turn eighteen or when I have my own home, he will give it to me.

Place(s): Brazil
Year: 2016

– Eduardo

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant