Lawrenceville Signet Ring

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Relationship: Im/migrant
Always on my pinkie finger
Always on my pinkie finger

A delicate, silver signet ring always adorns my left pinkie finger; this piece bears the crest of The Lawrenceville School, which I attended for four years as a boarding student. My migration appears minor, since the journey from Bedford, New York to Lawrenceville (situated in a small, suburban town next to Princeton) lasted a mere two and a half hours by car. Despite their relative proximity, these two worlds could not have been more different. Until the eighth grade, I attended a private school in the relatively homogenous Westchester County. In September of 2011, I suddenly found myself in a community with hundreds of teenagers that hailed from thirty-one states and thirty-nine countries or territories. I received the object during the springtime in 2015, my year of graduation. The top displays the school's symbol and motto, which reads "Virtus Semper Virdis," or "virtue always green." The other emblem represents Stanley House (similar to the fictional Hogwarts of "Harry Potter," students form loyalties to their respective dormitories). Today, I wear the ring proudly.

Place(s): New Jersey,New York
Year: 2011

– Josephine Rubin

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant