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One of my oldest memories from the country I was born in was about a game called Latim. I was born in a City called, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Whenever I visited my grandparents in the villages, when I was young, I remember playing this game. Latim is an type of object used for playing, where the body is made of wood, and in the center there is metal that sticks out of the end similar to a nail. And, in order to use it, one has to wrap a rope around the body of the latim, and then throw it on the ground to spin it. This game was especially famous in the villages and some other places. I never knew about this game until I saw it at the village, when I visited. I learned about this game from people playing it, by experiencing it, and also my Dad grew up playing this game, when he was young too. I was excited to know that he played this game to as a kid, which inspired me to play this game too. In addition, this game was played for decades, and in many other countries. People loved playing this game, they had many up different tricks such as putting it on the palm of someone's hand while it's still spinning, having competitions, bringing people together. As well as it was used to have battles with another opponent like Beyblades. This game reminds me of my childhood, the village where my parents were born, the people, and family. It was a place where I was welcomed by everyone, it felt like home.

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2013

– M.M.

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child