Late 90's Laptop

As I begin to tell my story, the world has long abandoned its interest into any device without a certain fruit logo on it; this computer that I speak about is nearly two decades old and certainly does not fit that bill. You may ask why this old piece of hardware is so special, well not only was it handed down to me from my father but it also represents the value that I treasure. Growing up in the island of Taiwan, my parents worked hard towards their academics especially my father, who worked diligently in his academics in order to pursue a career in computer engineering in the United States. After a couple years of determination and hard work, my father was presented the opportunity to emigrate to the U.S in 1995. Bringing the same work ethic to the states, he was able to finally earn a paycheck that would allow for him to buy this computer after paying all the bills; a computer that he would continue to use for many years. I learned the values of hard work when this computer was handed down to me when I was in the second grade when I managed my first straight A’s. Ever since then, the laptop has been brought up as a symbol of hard work during dinner time discussions. Even though it has been years since I have taken this computer out of my closet, it will always remind me of the values of hard and striving for personal goals, attributes that I saw In my father, and ones that I hope to share with him.

Year: 1995

– Oscar Chang

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