Hasma Hand Necklace

A hasma hand necklace symbolizes the hand of God and this represents a protective sign, which brings the owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. After so much time of waiting, two of my sisters went on a birthright trip which is when you reach a certain age you can apply to go on a trip to Israel with other people from the Jewish religion. In time, my sister brought me this necklace back from Israel as a gift to wear on my Bat Mitzvah. When both of my sisters got home, I remember them telling our family about their trip. They soon gave us each gifts they had bought for us while they were in Israel. My sister gave me a box and as I opened the box I saw a pink and purple hasma hand necklace. She told me she thought I could wear it on my bat mitzvah. I instantly loved the necklace and thought that was a great idea. In the Jewish religion once you turn 13 you become a Jewish adult after you are Bar or Bat Mitzvahed. This necklace is important to me because on the day I was Bat mitzvahed I wore this necklace and it reminded me of where it came from and how my sister thought of me while she was in Israel. I keep my necklace in a safe place in my room and whenever I look at it i’m reminded of my special day and my Jewish culture. The necklace that my sister gave me connects me to my Jewish culture and identity because it reminds me of the day I was bat mitzvahed and how the necklace traveled from Israel or the “Jewish homeland” to our home.

– Sarah Brandsdorfer

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