Relationship: Im/migrant
 flour and water mixed
flour and water mixed

 Lakh is a dessert made out ground wheat, flour and sour cream. Lakh is a dessert that Senegalese make for special events.This tradition came from my ancestors.  Senegalese people cook it in the morning every time there is a newborn in the family. Also, the day of Eid after one month of fasting, Lakh is the first thing they eat. Also, when a family member dies, the family and friends cook it for charity and served it to the men who were reading the Quran. My grandmother told me that this action will make the person who died stay in peace. Lakh is cooked in Senegal because, is easy to cook, it’s cheap and in Senegal “le pay de la teranga” - love to welcome and feed visitors with a food that tastes good! 

Place(s): senegal
Year: 2017

– A.D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant