La Sagrada Biblia

This book is called La Sagrada Biblia.
This book is called La Sagrada Biblia.

The book that is like an artifact to me is called La Sagrada Biblia. La Sagrada Biblia was my great-grandmother’s bible. She used this bible in her everyday life and it helped her communicate with God, praise and thank God, and it helped her form a healthier and more loving relationship with God. La Sagrada Biblia was passed down to my father and he uses it to reminisce on all of the amazing times he had with his grandmother. My great-grandmother and my father spent a lot of time together and they made their relationship very strong. You are able to notice that this book is old and aging from the color starting to change. The golden letters on the bible are very fancy, neat, and beautifully written. Along the edges of La Sagrada Biblia it is also in a golden color, so it matches the title perfectly. Although the cover is slightly dirty from the book aging, I think this gives the book a lot more character. Next are the hands, the hands in my opinion are painted or drawn beautifully and La Sagrada Biblia could attract others into buying the book. I have never read the book before, but I would like to compare La Sagrada Biblia to more modern Bibles. This book is an old book, it was published in the early 1900s and it was stopped from being produced even further in the 1960s. In conclusion, La Sagrada Biblia is one of many different objects that I consider to be my artifact or valuable item that is precious to me.

Place(s): Puerto Rico

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