Kugel Recipe

This is my family recipe for kugel, a holiday staple food for Ashkenazi Jews.  The "Janis" in question is my step-mother's sister in law's mother, but everyone in my family has been using this recipe for years. Kugel is kind of like a noodle casserole, but the word casserole definitely doesn't do justice to either the taste or the cultural significance. Kugel can be sweet or savory -- this one is definitely sweet -- and is usually made with a base of egg noodles, sometimes potatoes, and then with matzah on Passover.  Kugel is made with dairy around 90% of the time, so if you're eating it in a kosher setting you'd only it eat with other dairy items, or things that are pareve (neutral, like vegetables or eggs). This dish is literally the #1 go to for any special occasion in my family -- Jewish or otherwise -- and it's really simple to make. If you need a testimonial, my best friend isn't Jewish but it's one of her favorite foods and she's helped me make it so many times that my family jokes that she's finished her conversion. This particular recipe says pineapple, but fruit choice is heavily contested issue. When I make it I go apple because I'm not a big fan of pineapple, but a lot of Bubbes swear on raisins and think using other fruit is sacrilege.  

Year: 1930

– Cece C

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