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Good luck kimono
Good luck kimono

Is there anything in your life that you hold like its a prized possession? Is there anything in your life that has a great significance to you? Is there anything in
your life that brings you good luck? Is there anything in your life that makes you, you? My background is fairly diverse being that i ́m African American, Guyanese, Chinese and Japanese. Im familiar with my west indian and african american routes however, I’m not as familiar with my Asian side. An attire that was given to me that helps me connect with my japanese side is something called a Kimono, a kimono is worn by mainly women in Japan symbolizing longevity and good luck, a kimono is made out of cloth with series of patterns are created on it. The kimono was originally given to my grand-father by my great grand-mother who is 98 years old and she’s still moving and grooving till this day, after my grand-father passed away when I was five a few years later my grand-mother gave it to me as a gift. I remember her telling me to keep it safe because it’s very important to her and my grand-fathers family. I usually wear the kimono the day before a big event, for example the day before a game I wear the kimono asking for good luck during the game so that my basketball team and I could win, or before a performance so that I don’t mess up. When I put on that kimono I sometimes feel a presence circling around me, I believe it’s my grand-father, but I’m not too sure. It’s not a negative presence, however I definitely do feel something near me. Also, sewed small at the stop of the kimono there is my grandmothers initials 

Place(s): Japan
Year: 1940

– Troi Etkins

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more