Kiddush Cup

Kiddush Cup, Germany, 1927
Kiddush Cup, Germany, 1927

My artifact is a kiddush cup. The cup comes from Germany. It belonged to my great-grandmother's younger brother, Albert Wolf. The cup was given to him for his bar mitzvah. The cup says “for my Dear Grandson.” The date is also engraved on the cup, the date was April 19, 1927. My great-grandmother, Flora Wolf, and her brother came to New York from East Germany in 1941. They left Germany in order to flee from Nazi prosecution because of their religion. They were lucky to escape from Germany at that time, considering the war had been going for over a year. My Great Grandparents took only essential items with them, some of these items are almost 100 years old. Kiddush is a word that means “sanctification”. It is a blessing said over grape juice or wine to sanctify the Jewish and Shabbat holidays. Many communities have a special goblet or glass for the blessing, this container is named the Kiddush cup. This cup is meaningful to me because it was taken with my ancestors to America and now so many generations have been able to use it. 

Place(s): Germany, New York
Year: 1941

– EF

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more