Keyboard & Work Station

My MIDI keyboard and work station.
My MIDI keyboard and work station.

Even though my family has lived in United States for quite some time, I have my own unique migration story. When I first moved to Brooklyn for college, I was completely alone and unaware of my surroundings. I would often sit in my dorm room for hours on end because I didn’t know anyone else and wasn’t sure if I would get along with the other people in my building. I ended up turning to the one thing that has always provided me with happiness and comfort: music. When I came to Brooklyn, I brought with me two of my most prized possessions, my keyboard and my work station. These items have allowed me to stay positive despite missing my friends and family. When I am making music I am able to express myself and let out all my bottled up emotions. With this burning desire to feel welcomed and part of a new community, I am able to take my passion and run with it. By going to music venues as well as performing at them, I’ve been able to make some wonderful friends that I would consider as close to me as family. Now with every chance I get, I try to meet more people with the same love for music that I have. Even though my music has little relation with my family’s migration to the United States, which dates back to the 1700s, it is a very important part of my personal migration story. With this new chapter in my life unfolding in front of me, I now have the confidence to go out and meet new people. I am happier than I ever could have hoped to be, all thanks to music.  

Place(s): Brooklyn
Year: 2016

– Alex Jones

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more