Small bowl of soup with seafood
Small bowl of soup with seafood

Doing things a certain way is important to my family, such as doing this tradition where we eat a certain dish on Thanksgiving. Jumbo is a dish my family has been eating for years before we start eating the meals provided for us that different people in the family have made from home. My aunt told me that, “my cousin who has a secret recipe that  I wish I had, makes it every time we come together on Thanksgiving”. The jumbo has white rice with a type of liquid like soup mixed with crabs or shrimp and sausage. This food was told to me from my mom and she enjoys eating it as much as I do. She explained ,”When I first tried jumbo, I loved it and couldn’t wait until I got to take some home to eat for myself…” This tradition is important to me because my family doesn’t get together much because of my grandmother passing away but this certain dish along with other food brings us together on Thanksgiving. Jumbo was her favorite thing to eat while having fun with the family.  It’s a tradition I will continue to cherish and pass on to future generations that come along.

Place(s): New york
Year: 2015

– SA

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant