Julian G.

The cover of the book
The cover of the book

The item I chose to share is a book with much of my family history in it. On the bottom of the cover, it reads "Homenaje a Rosa Cadavid de Arboleda" or "Tribute to Rosa Cadavid de Arboleda". If you are wondering who Rosa was, she was my great aunt or more specifically my father's mother's oldest sister. Rosa was a politician in her home country of Colombia and eventually worked her way up to being the first woman elected to the Senate of Colombia. While she went in and out of the United States, she never permanently moved there but who did was my grandmother, Violeta. Violeta moved just outside of Boston to Tufts University to study dentistry. There she met the love of her life, Irving. She moved to the States in either the late 40s or early 50s and lived there until her death in 2018. The reason the book is important to me is because much of that section of the family is no longer living and this book is a great way to learn about their past in Colombia. In the book are many photos from when my grandmother and her sisters were little as well as photos when their parents were young. Not only is this book special to me because I can learn a lot about my family history but it is also special because it is a very unique thing to have. Most people don't have a book with their family history and having one is unique for me in a special way.

Place(s): Colombia

– JG.

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