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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object is a jukebox called The Wurlitzer.  My grandparents bought it in New Jersey and it was kept in their basement. My dad and his sisters picked out all the songs. It was broken, and for my dad’s birthday my mom fixed it up for him. It belonged to my grandparents, then my dad and now me! 
The jukebox is used for playing 45’s, which are small vinyl records, and it is as wide and half as tall as a refrigerator. It is made of solid steel, bright lights and weighs one ton! I love the white and blue lights and all the color. We use it mostly when friends and family come over.
The jukebox is important to me. I have a lot of happy memories of dancing, listening to the music and having fun with my friends and family. One thing happy that I remember is one song called “Popcorn” my friends and I would love to jump around in time with the beat. Also, I remember this one song K-4, that we would play over and over again because it was the name of our pre-k class. It taught me that my family loves to have fun and we spend a lot of time bonding over music. Every year we have a big party and play our favorite songs on the jukebox.  
I wondered where the jukebox was made. It was made in Cincinnati at a factory started by a German immigrant.  I also wanted to know how old it is. It is 58 years old! It was made in 1960. I think it is a very beautiful machine because of its unique look and “they don’t make them like that anymore”.

Place(s): Brooklyn
Year: 2005

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant