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Different type of Flavors!!!
Different type of Flavors!!!

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for sneakers. When I go to the mall or any sneaker store, I spend hours inspecting each shoe and usually spend the most time looking at Jordan's. I'm fascinated by the wide variety of colorways and the unique style of each pair of kicks. The way the colors stand out sparks a wave of joy in me every single time. The Shoes connect to my life simply because I'm a teenager that’s been analyzing, shopping around for, and buying sneakers their whole life.     One day I would like to design my own sneakers and have them selling out in all the shoe shops. The money would be nice, but the best part will be seeing others getting the same feelings of joy from the shoes I designed. Everyone around me already wears Jordans, and since I’d take inspiration from the Jordan brand, I don’t think there’d be an issue with my shoe becoming a part of their style. One thing that won’t be similar though is the price. Jordans can be pricey at times, granted it’s named after the greatest basketball player ever. Despite how expensive they can be, they are a good sneaker to collect. In fact, one of my favorite sneakers has to be my Jordan 11s or my Jordan 9s or my Jordan 1s, honestly, I love them all. My passion for sneakers is an important part of my culture and  Jordans specifically will always have a special place in my heart, and a special place on my feet.

Place(s): Dorchester

– Clifton

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