Jewelry Box

jewelry box
jewelry box

My significant object is this blue little jewelry box that is made of glass and plays a song called "Feelings" when you twist the bottom.  My dad got this for me.  I always keep all the jewelry he’s ever got for me in the jewelry box. It's very important to me because he gave it to me when I was five or six. It was during a time when he was moving out because he and my mom were getting a divorce. At the time I wasn’t really affected by the divorce at all, but my dad was. He was having a really hard time during it all and got sick. He was in and out of the hospital a lot, and he would never tell us. Eventually, he had to start taking care of himself and his body for us. The music box is very important to me because it symbolizes that my dad will always be here for me even when he’s not okay. I also feel like it symbolizes that even though my dad was having a hard time that he will always put on a brave face for us and get through whatever rough patch life throws at him. Also, he will always still show us that he cares and doesn’t want us to worry. The little things in life matter, and it always reminds me that my dad is very strong and that even in rough patches, you have to get over it. Everything always happens for a reason, and it was just a big learning lesson for him and for us too. Even when everything is going wrong, you still have to get through it and take care of yourself and do what you have to do to be happy and healthy.

Place(s): cleveland

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