Certificate of Membership

My object is a certificate of membership to the Workmen's Circle. It is made of paper, and it certifies that the holder will get every benefit of belonging to the Workmen's Circle. It belonged to my great grandfather, but now my father has it. He keeps it in a file. My great grandfather came to the USA in 1908 from Kupel (or Kipel) in what is now the Ukraine, and he joined the Workmen's Circle in 1913. He got his burial plot through the Workmen's Circle, and it helped him find a community of people like him in the USA. The Workmen's Circle is a Jewish organization, and to me this object symbolizes the brotherhood between Jews, but more than that it shows the importance of coming together. This object is still part of my story because I attend Jewish school at the Workmen's Circle now. I also celebrate the High Holy Days with a service at the Workmen's Circle.

Year: 1908

– Moxie Strom

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