Jewelry Box and Ring

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Jewelry Box from last trip with mom
Jewelry Box from last trip with mom

My mom is from Jalisco, MX. Her father passed away when she was a month old which left her mom raising three children all on her own. It was rough growing up for my mother because they dealt with a lot of economic hardships. Her 2 older siblings moved away to get better jobs. All the while my mom stayed home to take care of her mom. They were inseparable. My mom soon met my dad. They decided to soon move to the U.S. My mom was devastated, she could not even bare the thought of leaving her mother. My grandma surprised my mom with a trip to Ixtapa. My mom says that is the best trip of her life. My grandma gave my mom a jewelry box she bought while in Ixtapa. Inside it was my grandma's most valuable item, her wedding ring. A few moments later, my mom said her final good-byes to her mom and left to the U.S.
These items are equally as meaningful to myself and my mom. They are constant reminders to go through with the goals I have set for myself. My mom left everything behind. She even left her mom. And for what? For a better life for her future children, for myself. For a child who she had never met or was even sure she'd ever have. I'm here because of my mother's bravery. I won't let her journey and struggles go in vain. I am in a constant mission to let my mother's actions feel as if they were worth it. It's neither my story, my mother's, or any single persons but rather it is all of my family's story. Our Story that dates back to years and years ago.

Place(s): Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 1995

– Paulina Lopez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant