Jerk chicken

My object is Jerk chicken which means it's under the food category. This shapes my family history because all mothers of the family will teach their daughters how to make jerk chicken. This allows the mothers and the daughters bond while making the jerk chicken. This also leads mothers teaching daughters to make other foods, which will allow the daughters to make dinner for the whole family. Jerk chicken came from the Caribbean islands. People made jerk chicken with good flavors and good seasoning (spices). Jerk chicken makes me feel connected to my Caribbean history. This makes me feel connected to them because I'm sharing the same food as them. This also makes me feel happy because people carried this piece of food down the history line and brought it to the United States. This food is cooked in a lot of places around the world. I was so small when my mom first cooked it for me she took the chicken off the bone because I was too tiny to eat it. With jerk chicken, you can make a lot of different things like jerk BBQ. You can also make curry jerk. My grandma, who passed away, also made it for my mother. It connects us all together.

Year: 1789

– S.L.

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