Japanese Handmade Box

The WW2 Japanese box.
The WW2 Japanese box.

This box came to America from my Grandmother's uncle, Ronald Widdefield. He served in World War 2 in Japan and acquired this box in his service. The box is in a very fragile state and was hand made a long time ago. This box is very inspiring to me because of the story it tells. It tells a story about my great uncle, who collected many souvenirs during his service. It tells a rich story of Japan and how they made boxes. Every now and then, I look at the box and think about what it could have held back in Japan. I also ponder how my great uncle acquired it. Did he buy it? Did he trade something for it? No one in my family knows for sure. I assume he acquired the box circa 1943. In conclusion, I think lack of an item's past leaves room for imagination.

Year: 1943

– Caleb McCullough

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant