Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is called a Janamaz. In Bangladesh it is pronounced (mus-allah). My Janamaz is from Bangladesh. But you can find it in a lot of muslim countries. It is special to me because it was given to my mom before my grandma died. It is used to pray to God in my religion. Here are some facts about my religion and my object. In Bangladesh a Janamaz is about six-hundred to seven-hundred taka in Bangladesh. Taka is what money is called in Bangladesh .They are hand weaved in factories. They are often made of wool and leather. So it is fifty-percent leather and fifty-percent wool. The leather goes on the bottom and keeps the Janamaz from sliding around. The wool keeps your feet comfortable and warm. The designs are based off of villages and buildings near the factories. A Janamaz is used to keep clean while you pray. You must do a ten step cleaning before you pray. You must pray five times a day. You say some prayers while you pray. The first prayer is called “Salat al-fajr which you do at before sunrise. The second prayer is called “Salat al-zuhr” which you do at after the sun passes it highest. The third one is called “Salat al-asr” which you do at the late part of the afternoon. The fourth one is called “Salat al-maghrib. And the fifth one is called “Salat al-isha” which you do when it is between sunset and midnight. This object is important to my family and I. I hope to keep it in our family for many years to come.

Year: 1985

– Abrar

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant