Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is called Janamaz which is the name for the pray mat.  This pray mat is important during pray time.  The mat has to be clean and the room where we pray has to be clean also.  This is the tradition I grew up with as I learned about prayers and where my parents came from.

My parents came from Pakistan.  Both in my country and over here, my family members pray five times a day.  When we pray, we use the pray mat to sit on and concentrate on our prayers.  Once the prayers are done the mat is taken care of and placed respectfully in a safe place.  It is not a custom to place the mat in a dirty area.

While we pray, the pray mat is placed facing the Islamic Center.  As we face this direction, we raise our hands up our ears say, Allah Wakbar.  Then we place our hands on our knees and continue to say our prayers.

I have watched my parents pray and praying on this mat has become a tradition in my family.  Soon I will become a part of this culture and practice this tradition which is so important to my family.

Place(s): Pakistan
Year: 2011

– Imran

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant