Jade necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is a jade ring, bracelet, and charm
This is a jade ring, bracelet, and charm

Jade is everywhere, from sculptures, charms, jewelry, etc, and it turns out it's a huge part of my culture/religion. Last year I was given a gift of a jade necklace passes down from my mom. It was the day of my finale competition for gymnastics (few months ago) before I quit. since this would be one of the biggest competition of all my life, so being a human you will be nervous especially if it's your last performance. Personally I didn't believe their were such things as bad or good luck so I never stuck to the idea jade.  Along with that, Jade is used in most Eastern Asia. Jade has many different uses of its power for each individual jewelry, in general jade toughness and beauty symbolises harmony, meanwhile the power of the jade disk on a pendent are infinity, immortality, and eternal bliss or heaven. In tradition, jade is mostly worn throughout Chinese New Year to ward of bad luck and promote good fortune to its wearer. Legends believe that jade were to suck up bad luck, block it, and enforce good luck, that why some parts of jade are darker than others, (darker parts meaning bad luck).  

Place(s): Eastern Asia

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant