Jade Necklace

This image is of a necklace that is usually passed down or given to each new generation in the family. It is given in the Chinese culture to bring good luck and fortune to the child who wears it. My mother who told me this did not care whether I wore the necklace or not because it was just a superstition. My family, mostly my Grandmother follows Buddhism. Most of the elderly is religious and demands their children and their grandchildren to follow these traditions. My mother who comes from a later generation does not follow Buddhism to an extreme level like my grandmother. I am grateful for that because it means I won’t be punished when I do not follow traditions. This is my immigration story because the necklace reminds me of my culture. Since moving to the United States, my grandmother remains with the traditions of the people but my uncles and aunts have learned the culture of America. They learned that no matter what religion you are, you are an American. As a result, traditions are followed less but are not forgotten. Therefore, this necklace is a reminder that there is still some traditional Chinese in me and that is what defines me. 

Year: 1950

– Sammi Huang

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant