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Yearly Photo - 2021!
Yearly Photo - 2021!

Even before I was born, my family had a tradition of renting a house in Cape Cod; right on the Wellfleet Bay. My grandmother and grandfather  have even been doing this since before my mother was born. Every summer, around the same time in August, we rent the exact same house (it's always the same one) and spend two weeks there. I've had so many great memories there, such as going to the beach, going to a summer camp, and more. My family will often tell me to take pictures with my camera so I can remember everything better, but I think I prefer keeping said things in my head. If I rely on the photo, what would happen if I lose it? Besides, my brother is obsessed with taking photos, so if I even need something to remember it by, I can just "borrow" his phone for a bit and look at the photos.
This year, at the end of our stay, we got a Tornado Watch in the middle of the night, 12:08 AM to be exact. My uncle, aunt, nine month old cousin, parents, brother, me, and my cat all went down the basement and waited there until 1:30 AM to 1:45 AM. It was nice, though, because my friend, Amelia, was also up then because of a Tornado Watch and we got to talk for a while. At 1:45-ish we went back upstairs and stayed up until 2:30 AM to see if things were okay. Finally, we went back to sleep, but it was a great memory (and a terrible one, too) that I'll cherish for a long time, along with all of the memories I've ever made in that same house.

Place(s): Cape Cod (Wellfleet Bay)
Year: 1908

– IB

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