Irish Crochet

Great Great Grandmother's Crochet
Great Great Grandmother's Crochet

Daniel Kennelly, my Great-Great-Grandfather, was born in 1842. He was one of seven, he and his siblings lived in County Kerry in Southern Ireland. He and his siblings grew up very Catholic in a time when the British, who were Protestants, were exporting all of Ireland’s worthful goods. So during that time the Irish were very poor and lived off of potatoes which lead to the Irish potato famine.
My Great-Great-Grandmother, Cathrine Thorton was born in 1853 and died in 1911.  It is unknown how many siblings she had. Before her parents were killed, her mother taught her how to weave. Weaving can take days to complete something simple. Her parents were killed by a secret British force. This happened when she was young so she and her other siblings lived in an orphanage. Once she was old enough to care for her siblings she quit school and raised all her siblings on a huge farm, she then became very close to them and once when one of them was very ill and in the hospital she smuggled in whiskey for him. Once her siblings got older and got married they wrote letters back and forth every week.

Place(s): County Kerry, Ireland; New York


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