INS Building testimony

Relationship: Im/migrant
Li Chang Li Wong, Wing Luke Museum, September 14, 2017
Li Chang Li Wong, Wing Luke Museum, September 14, 2017

You’re scared, kind of nervous, when you go for the interview. For me, you worry that you’re not going to pass, or that you’ll forget the questions. The first thing she asked me, “Can I look at your green card? Your passport and other documents?” But I forgot my Chinese passport that day! I only had my green card. But she was a very nice lady. I said, “Can I go back to get it?” And she said “How soon? How far?” Well, I was living in Chinatown here on 7th Avenue with my cousin, so I said, “Very fast, probably 5-10 minutes, I’ll be right back!” and she said “Ok, go home to get it!” So, I went home, got my Chinese passport, and went back to the INS building. When I finished my interview, the officer said, “Congratulations, you passed.” I was so relieved on that day. They tell you, “Now you’re US citizens! Now you can bring your family over!” And a lot of people will do that… Many Chinese people, or for anyone—Asian people—the reason they want to get citizenship is not only for them, but they’re looking out for their family, too. 

Place(s): Seattle
Year: 1982

– Li Chang Li Wong

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant