Indonesian Rupiah

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Indonesian Rupiah
Indonesian Rupiah

My object is Indonesian (Indo-knee-sian) Rupiah which is the currency we use in Indonesia. It's from Indonesia. It is only used to buy food, drinks, toys, etc. My Grandpa used this to buy his house and other useful items. This item is made out of paper and this item can only be used to buy other items that hold the same value. The only way to get this is from getting a job or finding it. This item has the face of the Indonesian president as you can see on the picture (First President).

I chose this object because it was a very important item to Indonesian history and has great value with great importance. Indonesian Rupiah (Indonesian money) teaches me that my culture has a currency for its country for over 50 years. This money is connected to my dad because my dad has been using this currency for over 20 years of his life until he immigrated to the United States .

My question for my ancestors is why did they agree to put the face of the president of Indonesia on the money? I know my Grandpa gave my dad this currency when he came to visit my dad so he can remember our country.

Place(s): Indonesia

– DG

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant