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Old Indian Relics
Old Indian Relics

My ancestors settled inFort Valley since the 1700s. The house that I live in was built in 1756. The Native American Indians had not used Fort Valley as their native hunting grounds for close to a century when my great-grandfather John A Plauger Sr. was a young boy in Fort Valley. He and his brother walked the fields along the creek as children and young adults and collected arrowheads and Indian artifacts. 
He grew up during the Depression, so they grew their own food, hunted their own meat, and had soup mines. When they got bored, they went along the river and collected all types of things, arrowheads among them. They found crystals and weird rocks with an unnatural circle dent in them, some fossils, too. Their parents took kids in because other families couldn't afford to keep them. When the kids found artifacts, they shared them.  Then they carried it through to their grandchildren. They are cool to look at and think that they probably washed them from floods or other animals.
When my grandfather passed away, the collection was split between his brother and my grandfather. When my grandfather passes away, he has willed his collection to be split upon his five grandchildren. I will place my part of the collection in a shadowbox to hang on the wall in remembrance of my great-grandfather.

Place(s): Shenandoah

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