Il Corno (The Horn)

Relationship: Im/migrant
Evil eye protector which immigrated here
Evil eye protector which immigrated here

The phrase “partners in crime” can be interpreted in many different ways. Rita and Dominic Oliveri established their own definition of that phrase. Growing up in a fish town in Italy called Sciacca, Rita and Dominic’s families were primarily composed of fisherman. Both families were part of the earliest form of the mafia, whose goal was to “steal from the rich and give to the poor”. Over time, losing power became a threat to both families. One night, a group meeting was called among the families. Rita’s uncle and his horse disappeared. “It was suspected that Dominic’s family killed Rita’s uncle to protect their power”. The fire was fueling between both families, and Rita and Dominic knew they had to move if they wanted a future together. America welcomed them with life-changing opportunities. Upon their arrival, Rita and Dominic found extremely low paying jobs, earning them up to $300 a week. Eventually, the owner of the fish store at which Dominic worked at was looking to retire. As Dominic was his most trusted employee, he allowed Dominic to buy into the business. He was now making $2,000 a week, and his wife no longer had to work. The once money-less immigrants now prospered. After starting a family together, Dominic opened his own chain of fish stores and continues to run them alongside his kids and grandkids. The partners in crime found the golden land of opportunity: America. 

Year: 1963

– Monica Pesina

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant