Relationship: Im/migrant
His name is Humphrey.
His name is Humphrey.

My object is my hamster. His name is Humphrey. He is tan and white. He has brown eyes and he is really fluffy. He has pink ears with black spots and pink feet and he loves to ride in my jacket around the house. He was given to me from my mom on my 10th birthday. He comforts me and helps me understand that I am not alone. He listens when I need something to talk to and waits till I’m finished. He also is a great entertainment when he climbs his cage. My hamster has been in our family for almost 2 years.  
Humphrey is important to me because he reminds me of how much I love animals and how much I care about them. He is also important because my family just has two people (my mom and me) and our pets. In a way, Humphrey brought our family even closer together. My mom and I spend time together watching him do gymnastics on top of his cage. 
Humphrey is important to me because he keeps me company.  If I’m ever mad; he makes me calm more quickly rather than staying mad for a long time.         I’m really proud to be the owner of Humphrey because he is unique and special in his own way.              

Year: 2016

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant