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I have been living in China for eight years before I came to America. In another words, I have been speaking Chinese for approximately 7 years. As a result, I didn't understand anything when I came to the United States, I didn't know how to speak, read or write in English. At the time, I felt confused and lost. As a solution, my father bought three different kinds of dictionaries for me (i.e. Chinese- English Dictionary). The dictionaries helped me with my vocabularies, translations and sentences. Whenever I found something difficult, I would use the dictionaries. As a result, I know how to read, write and speak English by the time I am fifth grade. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I went through a hard time in my life. Today I am a junior at Murrow. I didn't use the dictionaries very often and I can speak fluently in English. Although, I barely use them, I kept them in good conditions because there is so much vocabularies in English language, I feel like I might need to use them someday. Dictionaries are like my home- school teacher, and I want to thank the people who invented them. I also would like to thank the dictionaries for being accompany in my childhood.

Year: 2009

– Shuyi Yang

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child