Holy bible

Relationship: Im/migrant
the bible is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures.
the bible is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures.

In 2014, my mom bought me a bible in french version from the evangelical Express store in Delma and after that I was finally decided to get Baptized and to take my relationship with God seriously . In march I decided to get part of the baptist class in my church and I get Baptist in 2015 , that day represent a special day in my entire life because I was deciding to follow God for sure and to put my faith on him . Since my mom was young she was starting to follow Jesus on her own and at the age of 32 she give birth to her Fight Child which is me and she was deciding to help me follow her path and then when I was 12 years old she bought me a bible for me after she was came from work and i felt like that bible was the best gift that my mom was ever give me because it's help me a lot to grow and and that when i was getting baptized. This story is important for me to share because some people never have that to received a special Gift like that and something that can help me for the rest of your life. The bible is the foundation of my story because I have a lot of experience with it and that's something that help me to be who I'm today. The object represent me as a Christian who was deciding to follow God without having someone push me to and by knowing more about Jesus as my savior.

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 2015

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant