Hockey Puck

The Hockey Puck given to me as a senior.
The Hockey Puck given to me as a senior.

 My family has not kept records of immigration and for all my parents can remember their families have always come back to a small city north of Cincinnati Ohio called Hamilton. We do know of my grandmother’s family on my mom’s side having relatives farther West of Ohio and in the south of the Alabama area. My dad’s side has a very Catholic influence and my Grandparents on that side both coming from large Catholic and farming families throughout Ohio. That being said, my roots lie in the small towns of Ohio. The one I connect with the most and the one my parents would also connect to is Oxford, the college town adjacent to Miami University where both my parents graduated from. This small town is not exactly where I grew up but was definitely a home away from home due to my family’s love for hockey and the college itself. I’ve spent years at Goggin Ice Center and have played the sport for as long as I can remember. This puck is just a memory of that time when I played and when we all bonded together watching the Miami Redhawks in the arena on some weekends or the long car rides, I had with my parents going hours away to play some early Sunday mornings. While this story is not one of an arduous journey in entering a new country, it is one about a kid finding a place in is family and the world itself trying to travel and learn for himself in somewhere other than his home town that he holds so dear to his heart. My story is one of change and acceptance of moving on and turning to newer and greater adventures that are greater than myself. 

Place(s): Hamilton Ohio

– Alexander Krabbe

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