Hmong Zebra Spoon

Relationship: Im/migrant
Hmong cucumbers
Hmong cucumbers

 My object is the Hmong zebra spoon. The Hmong zebra spoon is a traditional spoon that is used in many ways such as cooking, eating, measuring and cutting objects.  Who knew a spoon could be so useful? My favorite food to eat is scraped Hmong cucumber. The cucumbers are huge like the size of your calves. I like scraped Hmong cucumber because it has a rich and soft taste when it is scraped off with the Hmong zebra spoon. The Hmong zebra spoon has a sharp thin edge that cuts off thin layers of the cucumber, with a normal spoon you won’t be able have the same taste as if you did it with a zebra spoon. When I was young maybe 7, me and my grandma would always go to the garden and we would pick out vegetables, fruits and sugarcane to eat, One day I was out in the garden when I saw a rabbit eating my grandma’s vegetables, so I grabbed a stick and chased the rabbit across my grandma's garden. After that my grandma came up to me with a basket full of Hmong cucumber, so we went inside to make a batch of scraped cucumber for our family.  The process to scrape the Hmong cucumbers into a desserts takes all day long. Everyone in the house has to help scrape.  After an hour of scraping the Hmong cucumbers, the palm of my hand hurts. But in the end, we add sugar to the cucumber juice and devour it for a delicious summer treat.  We scape all of the Hmong cucumbers at the end of the season and put them in our freezer to enjoy during the winter months. You have to try it to believe it.   

Place(s): Minnesota
Year: 2000

– Dmitriy Xiong

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant